It’s a great day to be a Wildcat

Jenean Zahran

In an effort to promote school spirit, the Center for Student Enrichment is putting on a photo event this year for the first time.

What the Center for Student Enrichment wants is to see a student wearing your “It’s a Great Day to be a Wildcat!” T-shirt near a landmark in their current town or city, or at their spring break location.

“We plan on starting a Facebook page that we will have all the photos on it,” said Cara Kamps, principal secretary of the Center for Student Enrichment. “We’re hoping to get a good variety of them from around the world.”

Rachel Harris, associate director of the Center for Student Enrichment, is hoping this event will encourage more school spirit.

“When you look at other schools like University of Michigan and Michigan State, they’re school spirit is seen everywhere on and off campus, and we thought Northern needed to do a better job of showing pride,” Harris said. “Northern is a great school and is recognized nationally for all its great programs, and we should be proud of it.”

Profit made off the shirts will benefit student leadership programs for the Center for Student Enrichment.

“We do lots of different fundraisers in our office to raise money,” Harris said. “The money from this photo event will be spent on things like speakers, leadership presentations and to also help fund the leadership recognition banquet.”

Brandon Frazho, a junior political science major, will be participating in a trip to Belize that Superior Edge and the International Programs Office have coordinated. Participants will be volunteering with a local school in the jungle.

Frazho said he is hoping that displaying where he’s from will be a good way to represent NMU in a positive light.

“That is in fact a shirt that I have packed for the trip,” Frazho said. “I figured since I am going out of the country, I need to represent not just America as a citizen, but be a good ambassador for NMU.”

Last year in Belize, students painted an entire school and this year they hope to organize physical activities and games, lead school lessons and build playground equipment.

“I wanted something to show where I’m from on the trip, not to mention it’s one of my favorite shirts from Northern,” Frazho said. “You never know the connections you could make, and when we go work with the people of Belize you just never know if we will change someone’s life.”

Students can purchase a shirt at the Center, for Student Enrichment, room 1206 in the University Center for $10.

To submit a photograph wearing a Wildcat T-shirt, e-mail it to [email protected] to be part of the Center for Student Enrichment’s display and Facebook page.