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Opinion-- A list of regrets before I graduate
Opinion-- A list of regrets before I graduate
Sal WiertellaMarch 1, 2024

Summer registration around the corner

As the semester reaches its halfway point, it is time to register for summer courses.

Starting Monday, March 19, students will be able to register for classes for the upcoming summer semester. There will be two summer sessions offered this year.

The first session is May 21 through June 30, the second is from July 2 to August 11. These six-week sessions offer classes for students wishing to get a few extra credits out of the way.

“It helps students finish on time or ahead of time,” said Assistant Registrar, Mike Truscott.

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The offerings for summer courses vary depending on the department. Each course runs at a more accelerated pace to accommodate the six-week class period.

All of the information that a full 16-week course covers will still be covered in the summer courses.

“It’s hard work, but students could maybe graduate a semester early,” Truscott said.

The registration process for summer is the same as registration for the fall and winter semesters.

Students wishing to sign up for courses will register using MyNMU through course registration.

The main difference for selecting courses is the lack of registration time slots. Everyone at every level in their academic career will be able to sign up at the same time for summer.

There are no registration times based on the number of hours completed, Truscott said.

“They can register everyone on the same day,” Truscott said.

The costs that go along with taking summer courses vary by student based on what they plan on accomplishing.
Undergraduate Michigan residents should expect to pay between $304 to $324 per credit, depending on the total amount of credits taken.

Undergraduate nonresidents should expect to pay between $491 and $521 per credit.

By applying for financial aid, students can avoid some of the financial issues that come with taking additional courses.

The application for financial aid can be filled out and submitted online through MyNMU.

Each student who applies for financial aid is reviewed based on the results of their FAFSA from the previous year, said Director of Financial Aid Mike Rotundo.

“The key thing for students is for them to get their applications in so that they can determine their eligibility for the summer,” Rotundo said.

Even if students aren’t eligible to receive financial aid for the summer, there are other options for paying for school.

Some departments offer scholarships to students, and work study is also available on campus.

NMU offers different options to students for on-campus housing. Students who currently are living in the on-campus apartments are able to continue living there for the summer.

For students who are not yet eligible to live in the on-campus apartments, Spooner Hall is reserved for their use.
Meal plans are not required during the summer semester, but are still offered to those who wish to have one, said Associate Director of Housing and Residence Life John Frick.

“The sooner the students let us know their plans, the easier we can accommodate them,” Frick said.

To apply for housing during the summer, a student must be enrolled in summer courses and they must also fill out an application for housing in the Housing and Residence Life Office.

The rates for housing depends on where a student stays and how many nights they will live on campus.

For more information on registering for summer courses, visit

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