Backroom shut down permanently

Adelle Whitefoot

Backroom Obsessions in Marquette will be closed permanently and the owner is no longer allowed to have a business in Marquette County.

Michael Jestila, Backroom owner, came to an agreement and settled with the Marquette County Prosecuting Attorney Matt Wiese on Thursday, March 8.

As part of the agreement, Jestila is permanently banned from operating any other business in Marquette County and has 90 days to remove his personal property from the premises, Wiese said.

“Shutting this establishment down permanently was our goal all along, and that’swhat we did,” Wiese said. “So we are very happy with the results.”

According to Wiese, in exchange for not being allow to operate another business in Marquette County, all of the charges against Jestila will not be pursue.

The Houghton store is not included in the agreement made because the prosecutor doesn’t have jurisdiction in that area, Wiese said.

“We’ve shared our nuisance complaint with the Houghton prosecutor,” Wiese said. “With that and our other information, I believe they were able to draft their own complaint to try and get the Houghton store closed as well.”

In February 2011 the Marquette County Health department issued an Emergency Order to Protect Imminent Danger to Health or Lives directed to Jestila and the Backroom because of their sale of products known as “White Rush” and “Bath Salts.”

In December 2011, Marquette law enforcement executed a search warrant confiscating numerous materials that were believed to possibly contain controlled substances.

Jestila was later arrested in January on a two count felony warrant authorized by Marquette County Prosecutors Office for delivery and manufacturing of controlled substances.

“For what it’s worth, if another business tries to sell similar drugs then we will take the same action against them as well,” Wiese said.