Dietitian helps teach how to eat vegan

Ashley Wiggins

NMU Dining Services will host a SkillBuilder! workshop for those interested in moving to a plant-based diet or looking to spice up their existing vegan menu.

Robin Rahoi, Dining Services registered dietitian will be presenting with the Marketplace’s vegan/vegetarian cook Terry Jennings.

“We will discuss MyPlate,” Rahoi said. “It is the new food icon that has replaced the food pyramid and talk about what people should be paying attention to when eliminating animal products and replacing them with plants.”

In addition, participants will be made familiar with various plant-based foods including grains, vegetables, fruits, soy products and seasonings. After a basic cooking skills demonstration, workshop attendees will get a chance to taste everything Jennings prepares.

“[I’m expecting] a fun-filled couple of hours that revolves around good, wholesome food,” Rahoi said.
The workshop will be held from 3 to 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 29 in the Back Room of the University Center. There is no need to bring anything.