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Pizza Cat Vol. 9
Pizza Cat Vol. 9
Deirdre Northrup-Riesterer April 17, 2024

Classes to consider: Interesting topics offered at NMU

For some, registering for classes can be a daunting task, with making sure the requirements add up and that double-booking doesn’t happen, but, after that song and dance, some find that they are able to sign up for one or two classes outside of their curriculum.

Although the easiest class is always tempting, sometimes it’s just not as interesting as those more obscure subjects that NMU offers such as Aircraft Science (AMT102) and Politics & Media (BC495).

Chantel Wolff, a freshman English major, said there are many things she considers when deciding which class to take.

“You don’t want to take a class and have the teacher do a poor job at it, but you also want to take classes that you won’t hate and that will keep your interest,” Wolff said.

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Different areas of interest will bring out different topics in the classroom. Classes from different departments may have uses outside of that major.

Amanda Erspamer-Berry, an adjunct instructor in the education department, will be teaching a class called Special Education and the General Classroom, which features different methods to identify and help the various types of learners.

Part of this class is learning the YogaCalm for Children program, a social program that attempts to create a calm and productive classroom atmosphere. This program has recently been introduced into the Marquette Elementary school system.

“One of the things that most excites me about teaching this class is that students have returned and told me that they have applied strategies and information that they have learned in this class to real-life situations like working with students or in an interview,” Erspamer-Berry said. “That is what education is all about; using what you learn.”

This class teaches methods that are potentially useful to education majors, social workers, or anybody who plans to work with children.

“The course also covers all of the issues that arise and strategies that can be used when working with various learners within the classroom, and understanding governmental roles and parent involvement,” Erspamer-Berry said.

Erspamer-Berry also said she believes it is important for students to experience their classes and to enjoy learning.

“We all have individual differences and needs that we live with daily,” Erspamer-Berry said. “We need to learn about ourselves to be able to provide useful tools for the students who we will encounter. Teaching students strategies and tools will allow them to find success in their future.”

Another class that takes learning to a more hands-on level is Solar Power (ET221). It will be taught by engineering technology assistant professor, Jack Gumaer.

“It’s exciting to have students be able to see the whole process of generating energy,” Gumaer said.

This fall companion to the Wind Power class taught during winter semesters will be featuring a special project on Jacobetti’s roof.

NMU replaced the roofing of the Jacobetti building last summer, starting May 2011. They had to disassemble the alternative energy infrastructure that had been partially supplying the building with renewable energy.

The students attending the Solar Power class in Fall 2012 will have a hand in helping update and rebuild that infrastructure, giving them a first-hand lesson in each stage of acquiring renewable energy.

“Its a good opportunity for the students,” Gumaer said. “They’ll be able to take what they’ve learned in theory and apply it to the building for other students to enjoy.”

The energy from the solar energy structure that the class will create will be directed to the main lobby of Jacobetti where students and faculty gather during their down time. The solar energy will be used to maintain the power outlets in that area. In that way, the class will be promoting the green laptop initiative.

“Jacobetti is just a very convenient place for projects like this,” Gumaer said. “There’s a lot of space, and most of the technical aspects that are needed are in close proximity as well.”

Whether students are exploring a different field of study, or they just need something to hold their interest, NMU offers many different choices for students to experiment with.

Some classes go beyond the books by offering hands-on studies or practical outputs for the information. Some classes delve deep into the books, finding meaning from each line. NMU has classes for almost any line of interest.

Fall registration began last Friday. For more information about courses, majors or registration, contact the specific department or your academic advisor.

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