Radio X to expand coverage

Kristen Koehler

Wider spread audiences will soon be able to tune in to NMU’s Radio X with the addition of a new transmitter.

Not only will the transmitter be a major technological advancement for the student radio station, but it will also be moved to a more efficient location.

According to Radio X faculty advisor Charles Ganzert, the current transmitter has been in place at the Presque Isle power plant since the early 1990s and the station is looking forward to a much-needed upgrade.

“This is a big change for Radio X because we now have the option of moving the transmitter to Morgan Meadows, a location that offers better reception,” Ganzert said.

The improved reception is largely due to the 1700 watts the new transmitter provides as opposed to the current 360-watt transmitter. The increased elevation of Morgan Meadows is a contributing factor as well.

“The higher location combined with a stronger transmitter will hopefully allow us to reach out to all of Marquette County,” Ganzert said.

While Radio X can be heard as far as the outskirts of Ishpeming with the current transmitter, noisy static often overwhelms the music for many NMU commuters. Fortunately, this will soon disappear once the new transmitter is activated.

John Naracon, student radio general manager, anticipates the positive impact the improved reception will have for Radio X’s ability to communicate to the community.

“The transmitter will allow us to broadcast in a cleaner, clearer quality,” Naracon said. “It’s good for radio and it’s good for Northern.”

Although many listeners enjoy Radio X for its variety of music, the station remains a
leading source for campus information as well as weather announcements. This was taken advantage of earlier this year, when Marquette experienced severe weather.

“During the huge windstorm this past fall we were the only radio station that still had power,” Naracon said. “We were able to let students know that there was a special weather alert.”

Naracon hopes better reception will help Radio X inform more people about dangerous weather situations, which are not uncommon in the Upper Peninsula. In addition to public service announcements, Naracon and Ganzert look forward to connecting students with the community through music.

“Radio X is an opportunity for students to communicate with the world,” Ganzert said. “It’s a chance to reach out to the community and share new music, especially alternative music that people can’t find just anywhere.”

Ganzert expects the transmitter to be installed before the end of the semester and at the earliest within the next two weeks. Radio X listeners will experience a brief pause in broadcasting when the transmitters are switched over, however it should only last a few seconds.

For more information regarding the new transmitter, call the Radio X office at (906) 227-1844.