Stay up to date with the campus planner

Braden Linick

The Center of Student Enrichment is accepting events for their annual campus planner and semester activity calendar.

Events can be submitted online or by phone. Typical events may consist of athletics, films, concerts or speakers. They will need the name of the program or event, the date, time and location.

“We try to get anywhere from 12 to 15 high-value coupons from local businesses to add to the planner,” said Director of Center for Student Enrichment Dave Bonsall. “Ideally, we aim to have one coupon that would pay for the planner.”

The campus planner is geared solely at NMU based events. The planners cost $7 and can be purchased at the bookstore in the University Center. The semester activity calendars are free and can be picked up at various places across campus.

“They have become pretty traditional,” Bonsall said. “We’re getting close to selling 2,000 planners every year.”

For more information, students can email the Center for Student Enrichment at [email protected] or call them at (906) 227-2439.