Students graduating have final tasks to complete

Delaney Lovett

Before receiving a diploma, graduating seniors must remember to complete several tasks pertaining to their grades, finances and laptops.

Last week, students were mailed information about the commencement ceremony to take place on Saturday, May 5. However, walking across the stage does not make it official, said Assistant Registrar Sara Niemi.

“The commencement ceremony is just a ceremony; you’re not graduating at that point,” Niemi said. “Participation in the ceremony only means you’re enrolled in everything you need.”

Incomplete grades must be resolved and there can be no holds on a student account before officially graduating, Niemi said. Students must also have officially declared an academic program and verify all grades are correct.

Niemi said students should ensure Northern Michigan University has their permanent or post-graduation address where a diploma can be sent, typically six to eight weeks after the ceremony.

Students may request official transcripts for $5 by visiting the Registrar Office and submitting a form.

For more information regarding graduation requirements, call the Registrar Office (906) 227-2278 or email [email protected].

Students planning on graduating must either return or decide to purchase their ThinkPads or MacBooks. Students will be charged daily late fees after May 8 and have the opportunity to buy it until May 11.

“If you’re not buying, get it in by that date,” said Micro Repair Director Scott Krah. “If you are buying, make sure you get it in much before you leave town.”

Currently, only the 2010 versions of the ThinkPads and MacBooks are available for purchase, and they take several hours to reimage, Krah said. Purchased laptops are not charged to students’ account.

For more information on NMU leased notebook returns or purchases, call Micro Repair at (906) 227-1192.

Graduating students who have direct federal loans, whether subsidized or unsubsidized, must complete an exit counseling session online, said Director of Financial Aid Mike Rotundo. From here, they are granted a six-month grace period and will choose a loan payment plan.

“It’s really the transitional step for students that have borrowed loans over their academic career,” Rotundo said. “It’ll help set up their payment plans and understand where to go from here.”

Students can choose gradual payment plans based on their income rate after graduation from Northern Michigan University.

“If you’re running into payment problems, work with the lenders,” Rotundo said. “They have tools to help you.”
For questions about loan exiting and financial aid, call the Financial Aid Office at (906) 227-2327 or email [email protected].