Campus support helps North Wind succeed

NW Staff

The North Wind staff has worked diligently to inform students of what’s happening on campus over the past year, but none of it would be possible without the support of NMU administrators and students.

NMU administrators have shown their support for the student newspaper in many different ways. The latest example was at the University Forum on Thursday, April 19 with NMU President Les Wong.

“I was really pleased to read The North Wind today and read the section in the bottom right-hand corner on the two awards that The North Wind has earned,” Wong said. “I want to congratulate the students that worked very hard, long hours, to put The North Wind together.

“They are part of our communications on campus and I’m pleased that they’re doing their best to keep that at a very high level.”

The editors appreciate this recognition from Wong, which illustrates a mutual respect between NMU administrators and the North Wind. The North Wind staff will continue to put its best effort into producing a high quality college newspaper.

NMU’s student newspaper would not exist without the support and readership of the NMU student body. Recently, a random sampling of students and faculty were emailed a readership survey for the first time in years to assess how well the North Wind is meeting readers’ needs.

Although there was a mixture of positive and negative feedback, The North Wind staff appreciates the responses from the readership survey and the support from NMU students.

The North Wind is a student-run publication. Given this fact, members of the North Wind are always learning. Responses from students are very helpful and enhance the learning experience for North Wind employees.

Throughout the course of the last school year, The North Wind has tried its best to represent Northern Michigan University fairly and accurately. Our staff members hope we accomplished this goal in the eyes of NMU students, staff, faculty and the Marquette community.

The North Wind is only as strong as the support it receives from the students and administrators at NMU.

Hopefully in the future, this support continues or grows even stronger. And, as always, we value feedback from our many readers on campus.