NMU offers veterans scholarship

Hannah Fermanich

NMU will now offer a new scholarship to veterans wishing to seek higher education.

The new scholarship will be offered starting this summer to all veterans who have received an honorable discharge to bring their tuition down to in-state levels. It is designed to lower costs for those who have served and are not currently being assisted by the federal Yellow Ribbon Program.

“It’s (an) automatic (scholarship) in that students we know are eligible will have it applied to them,” said Mike Rotundo, director of financial aid. “If additional information is needed, we will contact them.”

According to Rotundo, the scholarship will be applied toward a veteran’s tuition so long as they are not already receiving full tuition. It can be combined with other scholarships as long as aid does not exceed 100 percent.

Documentation of service and confirmation of an honorable discharge is required to receive this award. For details (906) 227-2327 or visit www.nmu.edu/veterans.