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Women’s spring soccer comes to an end this weekend
Lily GouinApril 19, 2024

Leaving home smart choice for students

I remember my last days of high school, and the only thought on my mind was getting out and going off to college.

A big reason I chose NMU was for its location, being quite opposite from Nothern New Jersey. I never liked most of my peers in high school, finding them to be arrogant and superficial.

My friend Matt asked why I wanted to leave so badly, and I told him I knew it was the best thing for me.

Within a few days of moving in the dorms, I made quite a few good friends and just really enjoyed how things were going for me at Northern.

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I love everything about Northern Michigan University, from the friends I have up here to the beautiful location in the U.P. It’s great that if I feel like swimming, the lake is a couple minutes away.

If I want to go on a hike, there are places just a few minutes away as well.

If I want to play catch, football, frisbee or any other activity, plenty of people in the dorm are willing to just step outside and join in.

I just adore the sense of community among the Northern students.

However, my feelings for New Jersey have changed. I’m not sure how they changed but after a few months back after being away for a while, I realized there are just as many positives as there are negatives.

The place is honestly not bad at all. I mean, I’m 40 minutes from the biggest city in America, and just as close to the mountains in the opposite side of the state.

A little further away, about an hour or two, is the Atlantic Ocean and the extremely entertaining boardwalks.

It’s great there, as long as I avoid Seaside in the summer, and I have MTV to thank for ruining that town.

I have the best group of friends anyone could have back home. Even a thousand miles of separation cannot put a damper on our friendship. The last day I was in New Jersey, my friend Matt asked me to consider transferring back to a local school. I told him I would do what is best for my life. I know that no matter what happens in our lives, we will always have each other.

Don’t get me wrong. I love NMU and I am glad to be back here. It’s just that I do have a life back home as well.

As much as I looked forward to coming back, there was an equal part of me that wanted to stay back home with my family and old friends.

The only difference between a year ago and now is that last year, I wanted nothing to do with my home state and felt positive I would stay in Michigan forever.

Now, I feel uncertain of whether I want to remain in Michigan after college or return back home.

I suppose it was returning home after being away for so long that I began to truly appreciate what I used to take for granted.

I still have some time to make up my mind, but I am surprised about these feelings of uncertainty when not too long ago I was completely convinced about what I wanted.

I figure no matter where you go, your home will always be your home, no matter how much you wish to have no association with the place whatsoever.

It may take a few months or a few years, but in the end, there will always be an appreciation for the place we grew up.

At first I thought leaving was best because New Jersey was not the place for me at all, but now I realize leaving made me appreciate the place I used to hate with a burning passion.

What I told Matt was the truth, that leaving was the best thing for me. It was just not in the way I expected.

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