Superior Edge gets students involved in community

Braden Linick

The Center for Student Enrichment offers students a wide variety of programs and organizations for students to make the most of their college experience.

The CSE ranges from resume building, enriching college experiences and to helping students gain real world experience for their future occupations.

The CSE also helps promote and create student-run organizations.

Academic Service Learning is a program built to help incorporate community service into a primary course objective of a certain major.

“I would really encourage students to make the most out of their college experience,” said Director of CSE, Dave Bonsall. “It is such a unique time in one’s life and there are so many opportunities available.”

Superior Edge is another enrichment program for a student’s college career. It consists of four edges: Citizenship, Diversity, Leadership and Real World Experience.

Students are able to choose which ‘Edge’ they would like to be a part of after completing the 50 minute orientation.
From there they need to put in 100 hours and complete a reflection paper to complete the program.

Superior Edge also offers a few International Service trips annually. This year three trips have been scheduled throughout the year.

One trip goes to India in late December through January another to Ecuador over spring break, and a final trip to Spain in early May.

Trips vary in price from $1,800 to $3,600.

“With this specific program they are all noted on a student enrichment transcript that goes out with your academic transcript,” Bonsall said. “They have real world experience above and beyond going to classes.

“It could be the factor that makes them stand out on a job application in front of 30 others with the same GPA.”

The Student Leader Fellowship Program (SLFP) was designed for students interested in leadership, community service, resume building.

It is a two-credit leadership course that students must apply to get into.

Only 50 to 60 applications can be accepted per course. Time put in at SLFP can count towards Superior Edge hours.

Skill Builder! Workshops are also offered at the CSE. They are interactive leadership related activities with roughly 25 to 30 offered every semester.

Skill Builders can be counted towards Superior Edge hours. Students can learn a new skill, help your community, or improve yourself with the workshops.

The Health Promotion office offers a range of resources to students looking to lead healthier lives through better choices.

They encourage safer decisions on a variety of health and safety related issues through interactive and educational presentations.

“My favorite part about CSE is the student organizations, because there are over 300 and so many ways to be involved,” said sophomore business management major, Jenna Krawze. “If a club doesn’t fit you, you can create your own club.

“You only need one student and one faculty member to create your own club. If you don’t have a faculty member, CSE can help you find one.”

The NMU Volunteer Center sponsors around 10 major events a year such as blood drives, bone marrow registrations, Special Olympics and Make a Difference Day among other events.

Once a week they send out a volunteer newsletter to gain more attendance and awareness.

They show the opportunities available and allow students to choose which ones they would prefer to take on.

For information on joining any of the programs or student organizations visit or stop in their offices at 1201, 1202, 1205 and 1206 University Center.