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Chloe Everson
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Hi! My name is Chloe and I am a fourth-year senior here at NMU. I am a Public Relations major and have always enjoyed sports. I love being outdoors, shopping, and drinking coffee at all hours of the...

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Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Dallas Wiertella April 30, 2024

Departing from North Wind: News editor faced with tough call

It is rare when important decisions in life have an obvious choice.

As news editor, I have a responsibility not only to my coworkers at The North Wind, but also to the campus and community. I truly enjoyed my job as news editor but I decided it would be in everyone’s best interest for me to resign.

It is more than just balancing the work with my class load. Personal matters occurring in my life require attention, and it is balancing that with the newspaper and coursework that led to my choice.

Being the news editor is an extremely fulfilling job, but it requires a large amount of time and dedication.

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To reduce the time I spend working on the paper would cause a decline in quality, which is not only unfair to my coworkers but to all of our readers.

No one has the benefit of foresight but everyone has intuition. Going with your gut is what will yield the best results, because the mind tends to overanalyze everything.

I do and always will love Marquette and NMU, but I know that I am needed back home.

It is unfortunate to live so far away that it is not only inconvenient but also expensive to return. NMU became a home to me, and I can talk with my friends here as if I have known them for years. This is a great place.

It is not that I want to go back home, but that I know I need to be there.

Being raised by a single mother, I understand the dilemma those mothers face: between being home to raise their children and working enough to support them.

It is honestly a Catch 22 for single mothers, and during my teenage years, I hardly ever saw my mom as she was always at work.

Last April she made a decision to leave her job, and her current job, despite a sizeable pay cut, allows her to come home at a decent hour every night.

Being the youngest, I was the last to leave the house; now it is just her in a four bedroom home. She knows she has to move out.

She can barely afford the mortgage with her current salary, and with only one sibling left in the area, I know that she is going to need help cleaning the house to sell it and to pack the belongings we will keep.

The experience I gained from working for The North Wind, was some of the greatest I have ever had, and it will likely be one of my favorite jobs. I honestly wish I could stay but it’s not about what I want but what is right.

It varies for everyone, but at some point in life, people will be faced with a decision where no matter what, both results have negative outcomes.

It may seem foolish to leave just to sort out a few issues, but it would be more foolish to remain and divide my time.

Everyone goes through changes, with everyday events shaping their beliefs and perceptions of the world.

A few months ago, anyone who asked me about my home state would hear a rant about what a horrible place it is. This summer completely changed my mind.

Ideally, I would stay here and move in with friends so I could spend the whole year in Marquette.

However, this summer was the first time in the past few years that New Jersey actually felt like home, where I have a strong sense of family, friends and community.

When I first arrived in Marquette, I instantly adored it and imagined it being my new home. I made great friends and met unique people.

Life takes unexpected turns and I realize that.

Growing up, my mom cared for me, but now it is my turn to care for her. Similarly, I know that these events will affect my ability to serve as the news editor.

I may not be at NMU as long as I thought I would, but that does not mean I cannot enjoy every last second I am here.

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