WiMax to WiFi adapter now available

Ellen Holmes

As costs go up for cell phone data plans and home internet, students may be able to seek help from Northern’s own Micro Repair office.

The WiMax to WiFi adapters are available for $165 at the Micro Repair window in the lower lever of the LRC.

The CPEi 890, a WiMax modem that acts as an Ethernet hookup as well as a WiFi hotspot, is available for purchase for NMU students and staff, and is able to send a signal to cell phones, computers, tablets and other internet devices by using the WiMax network.

Though the modem cannot create a signal in areas with no signal whatsoever, it is able to take an available WiMax signal and convert it into an Ethernet jack, as well as a wireless broadcaster that streams internet for devices that don’t support WiMax, according to David Maki, Chief Technical Officer.

“Once you turn on the CPE, any object capable of WiFi is able to use the router,” Maki said. “A computer, cell phone, anything in the house. This can be especially helpful for those with non-NMU distributed computers.”

The modem is available to students and staff for $165 at the Micro Repair window.  The charge is non-refundable and will be added to the buyers NMU account, according to student Alyssa Carlson, who works at Micro Repair.

Caleb Dean, an assistant at the Olson Library information desk, said that while these modems are unable to create service in WiMax dead spots, the modem does create a small increase in coverage where available. He also suggests the modems that are available for rent from the library.

“I recommend the free, one-time, three-day rental from the library before purchasing the modem,” said Dean said. “But make sure to return it on time, every day late is a $10 fee.”

To register the CPEi 890 visit http://register.nmu.edu or visit the Help Desk located in room 116 in the LRC. Rentals are available at the LRC information desk.