New career services website eases employment search

Chris Dittrick

Campus career services has opened a new website called Cat Career Tracks for students and alumni to seek employment, find a career path or to interact with potential employers.

According to Steven LaFond, assistant director of career services, the site has job postings that are searchable by keyword.

There is also a position type search that includes on-campus and off-campus positions, full- and part-time positions and even internships.

It is also possible to keep track or receive reminders of upcoming job fairs and career building workshops, according to LaFond.

“A person could choose to be notified by email or text message when alerts are generated,” LaFond said. “These alerts could be calendar reminders and also whenever a new job posting comes up that matches set interests.”

On-campus interviews are also listed and there is the option to automatically sign up for interviews that the user is qualified for, LaFond said.

There is also an on-site personal calendar to view at a glance what events are upcoming.

LaFond said another feature the site has is the ability to submit an application and resume directly from the website using data in the user’s profile.

This allows the user to keep track of which postings have been applied for and how long it has been since an application was sent.

Users can also upload multiple resumes to better target specific types of jobs, according to LaFond.

According to NMU student Katrina Morris, who is a junior entrepreneur major, the new Cat Career Tracks website is an improvement over the old job posting pages.

“The new website is really easy to navigate,” she said. “A lot of the website for NMU is kind of complicated to get around, so it’s nice to see one that isn’t like a maze.”

Kara Cox, senior secretary of career services, explained the benefits to employers, and said the system will make it easy to locate new talent.

Submitted applications are collected and searchable by specific criterion, Cox said.

There is also the option to search the pool of job seekers to find a particular set of skills or level of experience.

“In this way, it is possible for an employer to narrow down a list of candidates and even locate a candidate that may not know they are qualified,” Cox said. “An employer can even contact a job seeker without first placing a posting.”

The website is free to use for anyone with an NMU username. First time login only requires an NMU username and the user’s birth date to start a profile.

Cat Career Tracks can be found at for students and for alumni.

Employers who wish to use the system have their own URL at It can also be accessed from the NMU career services webpage at