Intramural Soccer Preview

Angie Nellist

With springtime approaching, Northern Michigan University intramural soccer is preparing to kick off its season once again.

Every year, there are two classes of teams that compete within the intramural teams at NMU: Class A and Class B. According to the winter 2013 sports leagues page, the class A is more “highly and moderately competitive” in nature and the class B is more “laid back” and no experience is necessary.

According to the soccer rules, a total of five players make up a team and each team must start and finish with four players. Only two club team members can play on the field at one time. The game lasts 40 minutes total, with gameplay taking place in two 20-minute halves.

McGrath said they’re such a close knit group and they have so much fun in their classes. “We are all looking forward to spending more time together,” McGrath said.

Although a majority of the teammates are P.E. majors, McGrath said one of their team members is senior basketball player Joe Simon.

McGrath said the team is in Class B, so they are not focused on winning but applying what they have learned from their classes.

McGrath said it’s like making their own lesson plans for their major but applying it to the game. McGrath said “We’re not really too concerned about winning but applying what we learn from our classes.”

McGrath’s team will be playing six weeks of games every tuesday over at the Superior Dome starting March 26.

According to the soccer rules page, the overall intramural soccer season could start as early as Monday March 25.

For more information about information regarding the winter intramural sports leagues, people can contact the recreational sports office at (906)227-2519 or at [email protected].