Vote Lopota, Roche in election

NW Staff

ASNMU has been fraught with scandal, dissention and gridlock in the past year. The executive board was crippled by the ideological divide that emerged between ASNMU President Benjamin Stanley and former-Vice President Kelsey Hayes, even after Hayes resigned.

What’s more, the ASNMU budget reflects an administration that has not spent any money on new projects but only maintained pre-existing programs such as Wildcat Wallet, a particular program that has been in decline.

Another year under Stanley’s leadership would further rob NMU students from potential progress that can be had under the direction of a new ASNMU president and vice president.

Students need a voice that is respected by both the ASNMU General Assembly and NMU administrators. Students need an executive board with their finger on the campus pulse, a clear understanding of what is going on on campus and a vested interest in the university.

The North Wind staff is confident the candidates who fit the aforementioned credentials are ASNMU presidential candidate Amber Lopota and vice presidential candidate Abby Roche.

Both women have shown a level of professionalism and tact during ASNMU meetings, something that the other candidates have been lacking. Lopota and Roche do not add to the antagonistic element present during ASNMU proceedings. Instead, they provide honest, sincere comments.

These two candidates can guide ASNMU toward a brighter future, one where representatives will go seek out student feedback by attending campus forums and functions.

Students cannot afford another year of ineffective government. Programs that enrich the college experience should not be impeded by personal grudges or petty conflict. After all, a democracy is for the people, not for the bruised egos of a few representatives.

Stanley’s year-long soliloquy needs to come to an end. Help ASNMU heal, and bring back the voice of the students.

Vote Amber Lopota for ASNMU president and Abby Roche for vice president. This is your chance to usher in the democracy you deserve, NMU students.

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