Men’s golf tees off for spring season

Angie Nellist

Following a season of zero wins and four losses, the NMU men’s golf team is gearing up for the new spring season.

This weekend, the NMU men’s golf team will be starting the new season. The NMU golf team last played October 14-16 at the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. (GLIAC). Some of the other competitions they participate in will be NCAA Regional two, NCAA Regional three, GLIAC South Regional, the UP Challenge and the GLIAC Preview.

Junior Jared Reid said the start was a little disappointing and didn’t do as well as they’d hoped for, but looking forward to getting back out onto the field playing and competing.  He also said they’ve all been working on improving their game.

“It was a little bit disappointing to start.” Reid said “Some of our results weren’t as good as we hoped for. We’ve been working hard so far in the dome and working on our game getting ready for the spring season. We’re all looking forward to playing just because it’s what we all like do and to compete is another plus. We’ve been working on improving our swing and our game eliminating some of the mental mistakes made in the past. You only get better the more you practice.”

According to NMU Press Box, the team wrapped up the fall portion of the 2012-2013 schedule at the 2012 GLIAC Championship, NMU finished 12th in the three-day tournament, ending with a total team score of 950. Ferris State, Tiffin, Wayne State, Saginaw Valley State, Ohio Dominican, Ashland, Northwood, Findlay, Lake Superior and Lake Erie all finished ahead of NMU.

Freshman Patrick Sweeney scored 79, 73 and 82 in the three rounds with a final score of 234. Sophomore Ayrton Mantha scored 75, 81 and 79 with a final score of 235. Junior Jared Reid scored 241, junior Ben Johnson scored 246 and freshman Austin Legault 247.

According to NMU Press Box, the NMU men’s golf team finished in 10th place at the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Preview Meet in their 2011-12 season. They had a team score of 321. Ohio Dominican won the tournament with a team score of 301.

Freshman Nicholas Markell said he was looking forward to getting out there and will be focusing on one specific aspect to improve his game.

“I’m looking forward to playing time.” Markell said. “I would reconstruct my swing.”

The men’s golf team will be competing in the Cedarville Invitational on Thursday, April 4 at the Beavercreek golf club in Beavercreek, Ohio. They also will be competing at the NCAA Regional in Georgetown, KY on Friday, April 5.