Letter to Editor: Student Offended by T-Shirts

Northwind Staff

By: Carrie Grishaber

Dear editor, 

Overall, Fall Fest this year was a success. Although the location, due to construction, was forced to relocate from the academic mall to the University Center lawn, over 100 student organizations, 29 non-profit agencies and 65 businesses were represented.

Unfortunately, amidst the festive, back-to-school atmosphere, there was one spark of negativity.

The NMU College Republicans were selling bright orange T-shirts with the slogan “Suck My Glock” written over a picture of a gun. The back of the shirt displayed the name of the organization and stated their second amendment rights. I am appalled that the NMU College Republicans would have so little class and dignity that they would proudly promote such a revolting slogan.

The mental imagery of a gun in someone’s mouth is violent and horrifying. The message that sexual aggression can be taken lightly is even worse. Sexual assault is rampant on college campuses just like ours. According to NMU Public Safety’s crime statistics, criminal sexual conduct more than tripled between 2009 and 2011, the last reported year. The numbers show that sex related crimes are on the rise. Casual references to gun use and sexual aggression are not only sickening, but intimidating.

It is my deepest hope that the NMU College Republicans realize their error and cease sales of these inappropriate shirts immediately.