Letter to the Editor: Hateful extremists should not be tolerated on campus

North Wind Staff

Dear editor, 

I have to express my anger and disbelief at the numerous visits of religious extremists permitted on campus.

As an international student, I’m increasingly alienated in the “Land of the Free.” How can freedom exist when one is bound by the confines of a closed mind? What ever happened to secular education, critical thinking and freedom from dogma?

NMU says in their mission statement that their objective is to “challenge their students and employees to think independently and critically […] embrace diversity.” NMU heralds itself as an institution that “strives to be an inclusive community where differences are recognized as assets of the institution, respected attributes of the person and a valuable part of the university experience.” Rather, they’ve allowed their students to become targets of insult, intimidation, homophobia and misogyny. How can the university claim that students should “divert their path” when students are bombarded with graphic images at the doors of the library?

The university showed its support of this coercion by firstly allowing these groups on campus, and then by allowing them to continue to preach bigotry and hate once their true intentions were revealed.

Furthermore, would a Muslim extremist group be met with such apathy? Religious extremists are religious extremists regardless of which god they worship. There should be zero tolerance of bigotry and hate. NMU needs to start providing a safe and supportive environment for all.

Chloe Macbeth
senior economics major