Valle’s robbery suspect still at large. (VIDEO)

Kelly McCommons

Marquette City Police Department has released the footage of a robbery last night at Valle’s party store.

Marquette police responded to Valle’s Corner Convenience Party Store  around 10:45 p.m.Valle's2 last night. A masked hooded suspect entered the store with a knife and demanded money from the female cashier. The suspect received an undisclosed amount of money a fled North via 4th street on foot.

Authorities have not been able to identify a subject. The suspect was described as a slender white male, wearing dark clothes, a makeshift mask, and tennis shoes.

Before the allege robbery, officers were dispatched to the area around the Blue Link Party Store where reports of a masked man acting suspicious occurred. Officers were not able to located a subject.

Marquette police were assisted by NMU public safety. Anyone with information is asked to call the Marquette Police Department at 906-228-0400.