Football season winds down

Georgette Breen-Naylor

The Wildcats lost Saturday to playoff hopeful Ferris State.

The Bulldogs were able to hold off the ’Cats 34-20 Saturday, Nov. 16 where sophomore Bulldog Jason Vander Laan set the record for the Division II all-time single season rushing yards by a quarterback.

Sophomore running back Keon Collier scored one touchdown for NMU as the Bulldogs stopped the one-two punch of Collier and sophomore running back Wyatt Jurasin.

Jurasin had 13 carries for 28 yards and Collier had 5 carries for 18 yards and a touchdown. Freshman quarterback Shaye Brown was picked off twice in the contest. Brown was 17-47 with 274 passing yards.

“We could have ran the ball better,” Brown said. “I missed a few reads.”

Senior wide receiver Christian Jessie returned the opening kickoff for a 100-yard touchdown and is one yard shy of 900 kickoff return yards with two touchdowns.

“That gave me the school record for both,” Jessie said. “I knew the first one of the game would be my best shot.”

The defense allowed 536 Bulldog offensive yards and caused a fumble late in the fourth quarter that sophomore linebacker Adam Nichols returned for a touchdown. Ferris State’s lead was still intact and the Bulldogs held off NMU for their eighth win on the season.

The defense was led by sophomore linebacker Nick Krause who tallied 15 tackles.

The Wildcats finish the season 3-7 overall without a win on the road. They went 3-2 on their home turf in the Dome.

Next season the Wildcat defense will lose corner Parson along with defensive end Rodney Lamar and linebacker Morgan Stenz. Parson said he has bittersweet emotions.

“I am going to miss my friends and teammates,” Parson said. “I wish them great success.”

NMU returns three quarterbacks in Brown, Dustin Thomas and Ryan Morley.

Both Collier and Jurasin return to the backfield and the ’Cats only lose one starting offensive lineman. Jessie needs to be replaced on the returning and receiving end.

Ostrowsky said the expectations for next season are to take the next step in the proces

“Winning is how the program is measured,” Ostrowsky said. “Winning is the next step.”