Here’s to you, Thanksgiving!

North Wind Staff

In the spirit of that wonderful holiday that gives students a couple days (or a week and a half depending on their willingness to skip class the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving) to go hang out with our parents and be, once again, assigned to the kids’ table at Thanksgiving dinner, the North Wind staff gives thanks.

Comic Credit: Dorsey Sprouls
Comic Credit: Dorsey Sprouls

In fact, come to find out, following a
bit of discussion, the staff has a lot to be
grateful for.
Features editor Mary Wardell is thankful
for the late-fall weather, which is
bringing some sunny days and allowing
us a few final shots of Vitamin D before
the grey skies and early-winter precipitation
(and final exams) of December rain
down on us.
Editor in chief Cody Boyer is thankful
to be in the Upper Peninsula, which aside
from a few meth busts and 20-below degree
days here and there, is assuredly a pretty darn good place to be. Yet, the beauty of Thanksgiving Break
comes with the inherent assurance that finals are upon us, with their age-old promise
of caffeine withdrawals and overloads and not seeing the light of day from that
last beautiful Sunday of Thanksgiving Break until the last final exam has been
thoroughly cried over.

However, in this time of great mental instability and borderline chaos, our news editor Emily Pagel gives thanks to the professors who understand our plight, and give us a break or two in our time of need. Meanwhile, however, there are still
have some pretty delicious things to look forward to. Whether students are staying
in Marquette or are able to go home over break, there’s no doubt that they’ll have the chance to get down on some food coma-
inducing turkey consumption. For this, our online editor Kelly McCommons would like to raise a toast to the execution
of turkeys for our excessive consumption this holiday season. Because nothing says celebration of all that we
hold dear like a 20-pound Butterball with a side of mashed potatoes. So here’s to six beautiful days of listening
to your Uncle Mike talk about his high school football glory days, drinking
virgin daiquiris at the kids’ table (“But Grandma, I’m 22!”) and wringing every bit of joy out of hanging out with family
and not having to pay for your own food for a couple days.

And amidst all that we give thanks to, our photo editor Kristen Koehler is grateful for simply having a Thanksgiving Break, echoing the thoughts and thanks of everyone on the North Wind staff. So here’s to Thanksgiving Break, to over consumption, a mental break from reality and our last chance for hope before the impending doom of finals week. Because, after all, the presence of finals just makes the greatness of Thanksgiving that much