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Women’s spring soccer comes to an end this weekend
Lily GouinApril 19, 2024

Seniors make waves at Devos

There’s an old saying: “write what you know.” If the NMU School of Art and Design’s Fall 2013 Senior Exhibition is anything to judge by, the same axiom holds true for visual art as well.

From Monday, Dec. 2 through Wednesday, Dec. 13 in the DeVos Art Museum, the Senior Exhibition will showcase pieces created by NMU students over the past semester, many of which reflect the natural beauty of the Upper Peninsula itself.

One of those nature-centric pieces is photog- raphy major Mark Flemming’s contribution to the event. Flemming said he will be exhibiting a set of uniquely-framed pictures, which blur the lines between photography, screen-printing and collage.

“I’m showing a series of mixed-media pieces,” Flemming said. “They’re screen-printed photos on glass, laid on top of leaves I’ve collected on a

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Nature is also a prominent theme in ceram- ics major Anna Bateman’s piece. She will pres- ent a set of ceramic sculptures, all of which are themed around the season of winter.

“My inspiration comes from nature,” Bateman said. “My piece for this show is called ‘The Win- ter Series.’ It has a few vases, along with an in- stallation piece that hangs on the wall that con- sists of 48 to 50 ceramic pieces.”

Other forms of art that will be shown in the Senior Exhibition include drawing, painting, fur- niture design, film, printmaking, woodworking and illustration.

Flemming said that while the Senior Exhibi- tion offers an opportunity for student art to get some exposure, that’s not the only goal of the event. In fact, School of Art and Design students are required to submit something to the program and have it displayed in the show in order to graduate.

“Every arts student has to go through it,” Flemming said. “It’s sort of a pass/fail class.”

cess isn’t at all overly stringent. Additionally, she feels the best way for students to get in is to simply have real passion for whatever project they’re working on.

“Just stay positive, and make sure to have a set plan before going in,” Bateman said. “It’s not hard to get into the show as long as you love the concept you’re using for your piece.”

Flemming said this fall’s Senior Exhibition would definitely be worth checking out for any- one interested in student art, thanks to its wide variety of high-quality pieces.

“We have a pretty solid show this semester which is quite a bit smaller than the spring show, but I think it’s quite strong,” Flemming said. “Everyone turned in some really good pieces.”

“There’s a lot of really interesting things go- ing on, and a lot of people worked really, really hard to put this show on,” Bateman said. “I think everyone should see it.”

NMU’s Fall 2013 Senior Exhibition will be held from Dec. 2 through Dec. 13 with a closing

floating frame. They’re meant to show the con- trast between nature and the urban landscape.”

However, Bateman reception will take place 7 to 9 p.m. on Dec. 13. said the selection pro- at the DeVos Art Museum.


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