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Students encouraged to make sustainable products with EcoReps
Amelia KashianFebruary 22, 2024

Apple Inc.’s fruit falling far from the tree

Apple has released the newest iOS system, creatively named iOS 8, and the newest iPhone models. I don’t know about everyone else, but I have very mixed feelings on the “newest and most cutting-edge” features that we’ll all be forced to upgrade to.

Let’s start with the basic features that always get a little facelift; the iPhone 6 has better camera quality, longer battery life and a bigger screen, but we could have guessed that.  The size of the new screen on the iPhone 6 Plus; it’s massive. It helps with picking out all the flaws in your selfies that don’t really exist and drunk-texting your ex late at night, but who gave these phone companies the idea that I want to carry around a tablet in my back pocket? If I wanted a massive block in my purse, I would buy an iPad.

“I think Apple is just trying to copy Samsung too much,” Alyssa D’Lugin, a sophomore and nursing major said about the new features. “It’s obvious that they’re running out of their own original ideas.”

Apple has now made it possible to put all of your credit card information right on your phone. When you need to buy something, you just hold your phone under the scanner and bam- you’ve just used your credit card.

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I can’t lie, it’s pretty cool. We’re getting closer and closer to only having to carry one thing around with us all the time. Completely convenient, I’ll give you that, Apple.

Has anyone thought of the unforeseen consequences here?

Nre-AH_Apple3ow all of my credit card information is on my phone and god forbid I lose my phone at a party or someone steals my phone, not only can they text my mom inappropriate messages, they can start buying themselves fur coats, completely Jessica’s treat.

I know I’m being dramatic and I can easily just cancel my cards and get new ones but what about those poor individuals who lose or break their phones on a weekly basis?

It just seems like it’s not necessary to me. Credit cards don’t weigh fifteen pounds each; they’re plastic. How “simple” do we need to make life?

Another feature iOS8 will have is swipe texting. You mean I can just swipe all over my screen and the words will appear?

Wait, Samsung has been using that feature for a couple years now. Let’s just forget about that one. However Apple has made it easier to respond and iOS8 will actually predict what you’re about to type next.

“I don’t like it,” Mariah Rhoads, a sophomore and nursing major, said. “It reminds me too much of my old Android, and I switched to the iPhone for a reason.”

Don’t Samsung phones have a feature similar to that as well? You have to start typing the word out first, but we know it’s along the same lines, right?

Isn’t this the same company that sued Samsung in 2012 for using ideas too closely similar to Apple’s?

I’m giving Apple a hard time, they do make it easier to respond to texts now. It shows up at the top of the screen and you can respond from whatever app you’re on at the moment.

Great, so now I can be absolutely positive that when I don’t get a response, I’m being ignored.

I’ll admit there are going to be some cool things with the new iPhone and iOS system. I will be absolutely giddy to upgrade to this new iPhone when I go home for Thanksgiving.

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