Job fair provides student networking opportunities

Jessica Lewis

The 47th annual Fall Job Fair will take place from 1 to 4 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 8. This event will take place in the Great Lakes Rooms of the University Center.

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The event, according to Career Services Assistant Director Steven LaFond, is the biggest job fair of the year offered by NMU, and is designed for students of all majors.

There are many opportunities at an event like this, according to LaFond.

“This event is not just for college graduates,” LaFond said, “but also to get a jump on lining up an internship for next summer.”

ASNMU president Kat Klawes said she has attended the event for the past two years.

“I think the Fall Job Fair is an important opportunity for students to meet employers, network and as many have done, find a job,” Klawes said. “I personally know students who have found a summer job or secured a job for after they graduate.”

LaFond said that businesses have quickly been reserving tables to the point that they will need to expand the premises of the fair into more rooms to account for overflow this year. A full list of the recruiters attending the fair can be accessed at the Career Services webpage through

“The purpose of the job fair is to link students and alumni with employers and jobs,” LaFond said.

Whether a student is looking for a current job, or for one in the future, the job fair is designed to suit those needs.

The bulletin (each student who attends the fair is given one) from the 2013 fair had the businesses listed in areas such as full-time, part-time, internships and summer employments.

“I’m planning on going to the Fall Job Fair because I want to see the different job opportunities on campus and locally,” freshman pre-med biology major Kayla Literski said.

Some departments on campus, as well as professionals from other schools, particularly in graduate programs, also attend the fair in order to gauge student potential.

LaFond said this is an opportunity for students to get more information about graduate programs and become connected.

“Talk to everyone,” LaFond said. “Find out what opportunities each business might have within your major. You will be surprised by what some businesses are looking for.”

By checking out the Career Services Web page, you can find this information out ahead of time and as LaFond put it, “refine your resume” to better reach specific businesses.

LaFond said the job fair “separates these students from other job seekers.” Students who attend are looking for and receiving information directly through someone who can get them an interview, according to LaFond.

“Some people may be better at applying through a resume or an online application, but those applications are generally seen and judged by secretaries before they ever even reach someone who can set you up with opportunities,” LaFond said. “Communication through face-to-face contact is what we are aiming for, and that is what makes this event such a valuable job search tool.”

According to the Career Services website, more than 400 students typically attend the event each year. Students, alumni and employers are admitted free of charge. For more information, call NMU Career Services at (906) 227-2800 or visit their website.