NMU still charging extra for PEIF pass

Pat Pearson

NMU is one of the few universities in Michigan that require students to pay out of pocket for gym memberships, an NMU recreation manager said. The universities who do not require students to pay out of pocket, such as Michigan State University, factor student gym memberships into student tuition and fees.


Katie Theut, the Physical Education and Instructional Facility (PEIF) fitness and informal recreation manager, said if NMU adopts this type of payment method, PEIF membership would increase and overall campus wellness would improve amidst the student body.

Theut said students would then be less likely to buy memberships at local fitness clubs and she said if all students have passes, more would go.

There are 16 other gyms in the Marquette area. Theut said the PEIF has maintained steady membership numbers despite the other gyms in the area, like Anytime Fitness and Ringside Fitness. “We haven’t seen much of a decline in memberships this year,” Theut said.

“I’m sure new health clubs nearby like Anytime Fitness have taken some of our members, though our numbers have been consistent based upon years past.”

The cost for monthly membership at Anytime Fitness is around $40. The PEIF charges a one time fee of $130 for two semesters or $70 for one. The PEIF also offers fitness and recreational activities outside the weight room and cardio areas.

“We have the whole package here when it comes to a fitness facility,” Theut said. “We are the only gym in town with a climbing wall, racquetball courts and outdoor recreation equipment rentals.”

The Outdoor Recreation Center located inside the PEIF has an inventory that contains canoes, kayaks, sleeping bags, tents, skis, snowshoes, backpacks and more for rent. Luke Woolley, a senior digital cinema major, said he rents from the Outdoor Recreation Center because he likes to do more natural exercises.

“I am not really into the whole working out, lifting weights thing,” Woolley said. “I guess you can say I like the kind of exercises that I do not really think of as working out.” Woolley said one of his favorite outdoor activities is kayaking down the Autrain River and he thanks the PEIF for making it possible.

“Having a PEIF pass and renting their equipment from the Outdoor Recreation Center allows me to have access to the scenic areas nearby Marquette,” Woolley said. “The Autrain River is one of my favorite spots and it’s even better that I do not have to own my own kayak for wherever I paddle.” Tim Martin, a senior surgical technology major, said the PEIF is able to meet all of his fitness needs inside of the gym.

“I like how the weight room has new dumbbells and new barbells,” said Martin. “They have a new lat pulldown which is pretty sweet.”

Martin also said as opposed to years past, the PEIF’s members have been fairly consistent.

“I remember that in the past it has been pretty busy only at certain times,” Martin said. “From my experience, this year it is more spread out and there are a more consistent amount of people that use the PEIF throughout the day.”

Theut said there are currently 2,966 students with PEIF passes for the fall 2014 semester. She reported the number only declined by 57 PEIF pass holders from last spring semester.