Ron’s Taco Shop to Relocate

Andy Frakes

re-AH_RonsTacos_2Ron’s Taco Shop, a small business located in the Village district on Third Street, is moving to a larger space on Washington Street in early November to better accommodate customers.

“The relocation isn’t about getting more business, although that will probably happen,” Chris Moriarty, a manager of the taco shop, said when asked about the reason for the relocation. “We just need more space and the new location is much bigger.”

Roger Rigel, owner of Ron’s Taco Shop, said one goal with the move is to provide a place for people to go after or in between drinks at the bar. “We’re open Thursday through Saturday until 3 a.m., so we’re looking at the bar rush – there’s nothing downtown right now that’s open for those people,” Rigel said.

Neighboring business Quick Stop Bike Shop has benefited from the joint location with Ron’s Tacos, according to its owner.

Phil Ott, owner and mechanic at Quick Stop, said his shop and Ron’s Tacos have had a sort of symbiotic relationship.

“People would eat and then wander over and check out bike stuff, or while they were waiting 15 minutes for a repair from us they’d go grab a taco,” Ott said. “It seemed to work out pretty well.”

Ron’s Taco Shop will be closing their Third Street location on Monday, Oct. 20 and will reopen next to BabyCakes on Tuesday, Nov. 11.