May winter registration be ever in your favor

Katie Bultman

The winter 2015 schedule of courses was released last week for NMU students, who will be able to register as early as this Friday, Oct. 31.

Kim Rotundo, registrar, said students should be prepared for their assigned registration time to maximize the chances of getting their preferred schedule.

“Students who do their homework in advance and have identified alternatives to their top course choices generally find registration to be a fairly smooth and easy process,” Rotundo said.

Rotundo also encouraged students to use resources to evaluate their status. Some of these include the online degree evaluation tool, the NMU bulletin and their academic adviser.

As of Wednesday, Oct. 30, students may look up the registration status on their page.  Once logged in, students can find the registration schedule in the student services tab. There, a registration status-date/time to register link is available.

The course list for the upcoming semester is located on the records and registrar page.

University offices that can be contacted as a registration resource include the Academic and Career Advisement Center, the Student Service Center and the Registrar’s office.

Graduate students can register for classes as early as Friday, Oct. 31, while the rest of the student body has a beginning time of registration that is no later than Friday, Nov. 7, according to the records and registrar web page.

A student’s assigned adviser, found on the web page. Rotundo offered advice for first year students.

“If this is your first time registering, some of the high demand courses and times may be taken,” Rotundo said. “But keep in mind that each semester you get an earlier registration time and it gets easier to get those top picks.”