Ski you later, twips

Analicia Honkanen

Riding along in a cop car as we approached a road rage incident that turned into an unarmed robbery was never something I thought I would be doing at The North Wind. Writing stories about brewing beer and the northern lights was never something I thought I would do as a photo editor.

To be an editor at The North Wind proves to be a challenging job. To be a student is hard enough and given the task to present new and upcoming events to the public proves itself to be even harder.

From beginning to end I have learned so much, from learning how to efficiently communicate to trying to be the best at my craft. Between flying foam footballs across the office and Aubree’s pizza, I have founded new friendships and explored avenues I never thought I would have entered. I approached these opportunities with full force, opportunities that were made by having The North Wind as an avenue to walk through.

This semester, I have produced work and brought things to The North Wind table that had never been there before. This includes working more with our social media, website and changing the layout of the paper which could not have been done without the help of my friends. I mean, coworkers.

I am lucky to have worked with a great team of individuals. This semester, we have jumped hurdles as big as elephants, creating skins as thick as a rhinoceros’. We punched through the limits and learned along the way.

Although I will be remaining in Marquette after my graduation—I won’t be walking, I’ll be skiing—I feel as if I am leaving a place that was more than a home.

The North Wind is a place to hang out, a place where intelligent conversations happen and a place where we all meet to work. Sometimes, people even take naps on the comfy, old couch. It was a place that I spent a lot of time at. If I wasn’t studying, at home or at class, I was at the office. We may be a bunch of students, but sometimes I think we are more than that.

We are The North Wind.