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Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Dallas WiertellaApril 30, 2024

Editorial: Assisting the assaulted

When the Michigan legislature passed the controversial “Rape Insurance” bill last year, they sent a message to citizens that sexual assault victims are on their own. They gave rapists means to get away. This is why the bill received international coverage.


Campuses nationwide are determining how to deal with sexual assault and rape. That this topic even necessitates discussion should give us all pause. Multiple cases of university administrations sweeping rape under the rug for good public relations have emerged in recent years. All citizens concerned with safety and justice should detest this habit.

We commend ASNMU for working to obtain and maintain a campus rape kit to give victims a path to recovery. Their efforts are integral to creating a safer atmosphere on campus. It will help pull more students to NMU and will comfort parents, who know their children are in a healthy environment.

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Without this program, many students feel that they can’t come forward and report assault because they can’t afford the medical help. Any program that encourages reporting sexual assault on campus is definitely worth the cost.

The benefits of a rape kit are multifaceted. For one, it will allow students to approach one campus entity about their experience, rather than having to repeat themselves to multiple officials and relive their trauma.

Secondly, it will prohibit future sexual assault because potential rapists will know victims have an avenue for prosecution that is not only free, but encouraged.

By even offering this referendum, ASNMU will send a message back to Lansing that victims are a priority at NMU. In spite of what legislation doesn’t provide for, victims of sexual assault deserve every consideration that can be given to them.

ASNMU is giving students an opportunity to democratically prove and implement what the majority of us know to be right.

Students can set a tone of respect and justice on campus come March. We encourage students to vote in droves in solidarity with rape and sexual assault victims whose support structures were pulled from beneath by Michigan Congress.

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