Swipe with caution

Michael Williams

Credit card readers in the Marquette area have been hacked in recent weeks, according to a Marquette Police Department press release from late January. Though card securities were compromised as early as late December, the investigation is ongoing and cards were hacked as recently as last week.

Wells Fargo called senior hospitality management major Tanner Sheppard in early January to see if he had been to a Dearborn area Wal-Mart recently. His $58 was immediately returned.

“I’ve been traveling and when I go a few states over they call right away,” Sheppard said. “It was a little inconvenient that I didn’t have my card for a few days, but they sent me a new one. They said I wasn’t the only one this happened to.”

Wells Fargo Regional Spokesperson Cristie Drumm said that the bank monitors for suspicious behavior, but emphasizes the customers onus to watch their accounts.

“The thing we really want people to do is if they see suspicious behavior on their bank statement, notify us,” Drumm said. She added that Wells Fargo offers an app to alert customers about transactions above certain amounts.

Comment from Marquette Police regarding the investigation was not available by the time of print.