Opinion: Fearless in the face of the administration

Liana Maitland

Fearless in the face of the administration.

An errant thought that I had described The North Wind as embracing the new slogan that NMU has slapped us with. Part of me wonders if the administration is demonstrating this new slogan by continually testing the limits of this student newspaper.

I am not affiliated with The North Wind besides the class I take. The main requirements for this class is that I write stories. Here is my take on this uphill battle.

The administration is in the wrong to withhold documents, redact what they give, constantly skirt around the edges of the law in regard to FOIA deadlines and send out mass emails of carefully calculated words to slant facts in their favor, but pull it off as factual corrections.

In terms of public relations, the transparency they claim to want so badly is as thin as black ice when they’re making it difficult to access public information. The North Wind is slanderous and constantly out to put them in a bad light, say supporters of NMU. To a small extent, I agree that the amount of bad stories about the administration published is piling up.

But what else are you supposed to do when your super powers are being slammed with kryptonite? These superpowers include freedom of speech and freedom of being an independent student newspaper instead of university-run, which allows them to experiment to an extent and write stories that in the real world you would be paid not to publish.

To me, rebranding the university is a façade. Rebranding is to hide things that in every respect smell like a fish market.

Are we as students fearless enough to face it?