Update: Board of Directors April 20 meeting

Anthony Viola

During the April 20 North Wind Board of Directors meeting, The North Wind’s summer issue was discussed.

Steve Neiheisel, vice president for enrollment and student services said:

“One of the things, and the reason June 4th, was picked is that, in past practice, this is an orientation edition, okay, and therefore it could be considered a special edition. It’s not a weekly update on the news, it’s not a comment on things, it’s an orientation edition for the students and parents coming on campus. That’s been the practice in the past, and my understanding. With that in mind, I would compare it to the inserts that were in The Mining Journal, three, four weeks ago, in which they had a thing on mining, a thing on higher education, a thing on tourism and that type of thing. So, not dictating or recommending content to the editors or anything along those lines, but it is truly defined and practiced in the past as a true public relations piece for the orientation program. If that’s the case, no one’s saying that The North Wind should not publish at that point, but the question is, absent an adviser in that circumstance, does the North Wind still prefer to publish? Because that’s been the past practice and the agreement with The North Wind and the administration. The date is picked specifically to serve the orientation population.”

Editor in Chief Emma Finkbeiner rebutted Neiheisel.

“I don’t know if that’s true at all,” Finkbeiner said, “ and I don’t think at any point you should say this student newspaper should be a public relations outlet for orientation.” Finkbeiner insisted that the timing of the release of a newspaper should not dictate content and tone.

The summer issue is set to hit stands June 4 but can also be accessed online.