Editorial: Our Mission Statement

North Wind Staff

For many of us on The North Wind staff, there is nothing like the smell of fresh ink on Thursday mornings and the image of your very own byline staring you in the face. It’s just one reason among many that draws us back to this “tired old rag” year after year.NWLogoSocialMedia

One commonly-held belief in the journalism community is that our work is always the first draft of history. Whatever your opinion of us last year, we are constantly improving as we perch on the shoulders of many generations of newswriters.

As the leaves turn from bright green to burnt orange this fall, we invite you, the reader, to renew your interest in us as NMU’s best source for news. We will continue to report on issues that affect NMU students with uncompromising objectivity. We will continue to seek the truth in every story, no matter how daunting  it may seem.

We will also be making a conscious effort to bring you more variety in the coming year. A bimonthly restaurant column will be joining the ranks in our features section, as well as a plethora of hard hitting opinion pieces, breathtaking photography, and unparalleled sports coverage to keep you updated on the action around campus.

The North Wind would like to wish all new and returning students a great school year, and we hope  to earn the honor of being your first choice in news every week; not only for issues on campus, but around the globe.