One Book, One Community brings author Robin Sloan

Andy Frakes

For the tenth anniversary of the One Book, One Community program, Snowbound Books had a 24-hour sale on Monday, Oct. 19 through the day BW

This year’s book, “Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore,” was written by Robin Sloan, originally of Troy, Mich. Now based in San Francisco, the writer was present for the book-signing event and general discussion with patrons of the store. He also spoke in JXJ 1100 from 2pm to 7pm Oct. 20 for the benefit of both students and the Marquette community.

“It was a total delight to hear my book was chosen for this program,” Sloan said, “and that the community wanted to bring me in for this event.”

Dianne Patrick and store owner Dana Shulz hosted the event in Snowbound Books, with coffee and doughnuts on offer as well as scattered seating for patrons. Foot traffic was still ebbing and flowing at 1a.m. According to Patrick, Sloan’s book is being assigned at three area high schools as well as in several college classes.

The book, Sloan’s debut novel, was first published hardcover in 2012. According to him this “slow-burn” effect is one of the things he likes about writing literature, as opposed to writing short-term pieces.

“Journalism and magazine writing is great, and I know some distinguished journalists, but even when they write something really great… it’s buried within a week,” Sloan said. “When you write a book and get published, it’s on shelves in shops and libraries for years and years. That’s a pretty magical thing.”

“Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore” is available in paperback, both locally and online.