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‘A New Hope’ continues to age gracefully

This week we return to our review of the Star Wars saga by taking a look at the film that started it all: “A New Hope.”

“A New Hope” is one of the most iconic films of all time, one that revolutionized not just sci-fi movies, but cinema in general.

At the time of its release in 1977, the special effects used in the film had never been seen before and were considered revolutionary. The main difference between “A New Hope” and the rest of the original trilogy as opposed to the prequels was the use of
special effects.

“A New Hope” does a great job of using solid practical special effects that add to the appeal of the film. However, they aren’t the main focus of the film. They are used to help one of cinema’s greatest stories.

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The film’s story at first viewing seems like a simple tale of good versus evil, the Rebellion trying to overthrow the tyranny of the Galactic Empire.

The film also has a great coming-of-age story, as we follow Luke Skywalker’s journey as a simple farm boy on a desolate planet, to one of destiny as he attempts to become a Jedi knight and learn the ways of the force.

We travel alongside Luke as he leaves his tiny home in the far corner of the galaxy and heads into the middle of a galactic civil war. Luke gives the audience an easily likable and relatable protagonist, a reason to care and feel connected in a film filled with aliens and space.

However, it isn’t just Luke who we care about in this film; the cast features many memorable and likable characters to help make the film what it is. Most notable of these is Han Solo, portrayed by Harrison Ford in his first-ever role. Solo is a scoundrel, but a likable one. Solo is a loose cannon, from shooting Greedo (and let the record show, Han shot first!) to charging headfirst after Stormtroopers, you never know what his next move is.

He is incredibly cocky but has some charm to him as well. This helps to make Solo into one of the most popular characters in the saga.

With heroes as likable as Luke and Han, it helps to have one of the greatest villains in cinema. Darth Vader is evil personified, with his mechanical black suit, slow robotic breathing and deep menacing voice provided by James Earl Jones. Vader is ruthless in his dealings with the rebellion, going so far as to blow up a planet to get the information
he needs.

That is what made “Star Wars: A New Hope” so memorable. It’s not having as much CGI as possible jammed into each shot, nor elaborate lightsaber fights—it’s the characters and the story.

The movie gives us great characters that we genuinely care about, in a unique and exciting story. Sure, the special effects are fun, but they are a byproduct of the story being told.

“A New Hope” captures our imagination in a galaxy far, far away. Kids and adults alike imagine themselves being Jedis, or flying the Millennium Falcon, after watching this movie.

This film is a great opening chapter to an amazing trilogy. It is a movie everyone should watch and experience at least once in their lifetime.

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