Annual NMU Drag Show returns with style

Maggie Shepeard

After 20 years, NMU’s annual drag show continues to dazzle the Marquette community.

The music selections are complete, practice is nearing perfect and the time is about here. At 8:00 p.m. Friday, Jan. 22 at the Vandement Arena, the drag queens will once again take the stage. There is no charge for students with an I.D., and the general public has a cost of $5.00 a person to take part in the

According to Tony Carlson, the president of the OUTlook group on campus, there is one resounding word that he chose to describe the upcoming show: excitement.

He said despite concerns in previous years of how the show was to be run, that the combined efforts of his group, as well as having Joey Black and Coree Segerstrom on board in the planning and execution of the show that they’ve been able to work out everything that needed to be done.

They’ve joined forces now to bring down the house for the upcoming show—that is the goal.

“It is not a drag show—it is a drag competition,” said Carlson. “Some people spend their lives doing this—the preparation alone is a full time job.”

And not only do people want to be a part of this, but the spectator perks are promising to be second to none. “It’s nice to have so many people turn out to show support,” Carlson said.

The winner of Coco’s Jan. 15 drag show received a spot at the NMU show.

“Coco’s has been instrumental in letting our performers get publicity at their venue,”
Carlson said.

There were already seven performers slated and that winner filled the eighth spot for Northern’s show. It was not an audition but more like a prize for being a part of it.

Past attendees can look forward to seeing the same format for this Friday’s show as in years past. There will be a lot of music, theatrics and excitement from the upcoming show.

The twentieth Annual NMU Drag Show is sponsored by OUTlook and financed by the Student Finance Committee.