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LEAVE NO TRACE — Heather Vivian from Respect Marquette County educates on the impacts of outdoor recreation as part of the organizations mission of protecting natural resources.
Leave No Trace 101 workshop promotes protecting natural resources
Benjamin BuresDecember 1, 2023

Take your Duotine and hop into the world of Fran Bow

If you are looking for a game that is easy to play but has a mature and compelling storyline, you should try the psychological horror “Fran Bow.”

During my first play-through I was drawn into the backstories of the children of the asylum, as well as the manufactured Siamese twins Clara and Mia that you meet in chapter two.fran bow

I tried to not miss a single clue, desperate to figure out the mystery of the murder of Fran’s parents and what was happening to Fran in the process. In the end, I was left feeling slightly unsatisfied and like there were some things missing in the plot.

During my second play- through, there was a small hiccup where the game did not proceed forward after a dialogue break ended. It was easily fixed by returning to the start menu and restarting where I left off.

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One cool mechanic of the game is the Duotine pills given to Fran by Dr. Deere. These pills open up a world filled with dark creatures known as Kampala that feed on the fear and despair of others and the pure creatures known as Valois.

The play style for Fran Bow is point-and-click, so the controls are easy for anyone to pick up. Simply move your cursor and click on objects to move the story forward. Most objects just give nonsensical comments though. Typically you play as Fran, but at one point in chapter three you play as her cat Mr. Midnight.

For the most part, the game is done in a 2D style with a murky color scheme. There is a bit of variation though when it comes to the three mini-games that take inspiration from the popular arcade games: “Pac-Man,” “Frogger” and “Mario.”

During the cut scenes between each chapter the art is completely different, set against a black background and done in white with just a splash of red.

The music is not what I expected to hear in a horror game. Instead of eerie violins it’s something more mysterious. When you pop some Duotine pills, the music is unsettling and ominous. It starts with a phantom-like scream giving you chills.

At the end, I was disoriented with the game’s concept. I still feel “Fran Bow” deserves a 3/5 rating for its easy controls and complex story.

The game is available on Steam for $14.99.

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