Two NMU students charged with assault

Rachel Jenks

Two NMU students have been charged with assaulting Ethan Metras, another NMU student, after a fight occurred on Jan. 30, at Coco’s in Marquette. On April 19, David Hunter, 21, and Leon Hall, 24, were each charged with one count of aggravated assault.

Because the assault occurred off campus it was investigated by the Marquette City Police, with NMU Public Safety assisting in identifying suspects and conducting interviews. In Metras’ initial police interview, he said he approached a group of males who were surrounding his girlfriend, Mackenzie Gregg, when one of the men shoved him.

Metras shoved back, leading to him being “shoved to the ground and they all started kicking him in the face and head,” according to the police report, which The North Wind obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

“It was ridiculous. I thought I was going to die,” Metras said in his statement. Gregg described a similar situation in her statement to the police. A

fter the assault, Hall was identified as being a part of the NMU football team. Hunter tried out for the team but was unsuccessful. In Hunter’s statement to the police, he stated that the fight escalated when Metras shoved him first, and that Metras must have slipped onto the floor, which was wet because it was snowing that night.

He also stated that he, too, had scratch injuries to his face from the fight. Hall initially denied being a part of the fight but then admitted to shoving Metras in retaliation for being shoved. He also admitted to kicking Metras in the head once, in self-defense.

On April 14, Metras posted a picture of his facial injuries on Facebook, in addition to a statement describing the incident. In his Facebook statement, Metras said that the NMU conduct board unanimously voted Hall was not guilty.

“Disappointed tremendously under-exaggerates how upset I am with my college and their favoritism of NMU’s football players,” Metras stated. Assistant Vice President of University Marketing and Communications Derek Hall said that the panel rendered its decisions after taking all the presented evidence into account, and the decision has not been appealed by any party

“No member of the Athletic Department served on the panel that conducted the hearing or rendered the decisions or influenced the panel’s decision,” Hall said. Hall also stated that NMU’s conduct hearing process is separate from any police investigation.

Both Leon Hall and David Hunter posted $500 in bail and were released pending trial. They pled not guilty to the aggravated assault charges. Hall’s jury trial is set for June 15, and Hunter’s jury trial is set for July 20.