Letter to the editor: Water safety information appreciated


Dear Editor,

Recently the North Wind published comprehensive information regarding Marquette’s waterfront safety efforts.  In its first installment, the North Wind ran a full-color, center-spread, info-graphic illustrating the differences between rip and channel currents along with extraction techniques individuals can use if they find themselves caught in these deadly currents.

In a subsequent issue, editor-in-chief Kayla Miller provided detailed information about the dangers of venturing into the water when conditions are unsafe. Her research and reporting on water related hazards brought to light a very real problem that sometimes results in injury or death.  It’s a problem that can devastate anyone, at any age, at any time. Fortunately, the techniques and safety measures highlighted in these articles can dramatically improve survival rates for people finding themselves in distress as they are trying to enjoy a day at the beach.

Our NMU community owes the North Wind staff and Ms. Miller its gratitude for bringing this important topic to light and for the clarity they provided in detailing how students, faculty and staff can take charge of their own safety at times where fun turns to tragedy seemingly without notice.

These articles are impressive because of their accuracy and detail.

The topic of waterfront safety is complex and frequently misunderstood yet the North Wind was especially effective in providing safety tips that are critical; understanding weather and water conditions, observing warnings and developing an activity plan that includes knowing what to do if problems arise.

On behalf of the Marquette Waterfront Safety Task Force, we commend the North Wind for its leadership and desire to promote the safe and responsible use of our lakes, rivers and beaches.

Gary Gustafson, Eric Smith, co-chairs, Marquette Waterfront Safety Task Force