Training camp

AnnMarie Kent

As October inches closer, Red Wings hockey fans gear up for another season with their team. Some of those fans filled the stands at Center Ice arena in Traverse City, Michigan for the 2016 Red Wings Training Camp.

Veteran Red Wings and young prospects alike took the ice Friday morning to run drills as camp opened.

Those prospects spent the week before playing the NHL Prospect Tournament in Traverse City. The tournament brought together prospects from teams such as the Chicago Blackhawks, the Carolina Hurricanes and the Minnesota Wild.

They played 15 games over four days, with the Carolina Hurricanes coming out on top, winning the tournament.

The most talked about prospect for the Red Wings was Tyler Bertuzzi. The nephew of retired NHL player Todd Bertuzzi, Tyler was drafted to the Grand Rapids Griffins in 2013.

Former Red Wing and cur- rent Grand Rapids Griffin Dan Cleary said he’s taken on Bertuzzi as his mentee. Cleary said he’s good friends with Todd so he made sure he spent extra time with Bertuzzi.

“He’s a great young kid and I really saw him come out of his shell,” Clearly said. “He’s going to be a great player and he’s exactly what the Wings need.”

Cleary said that most of what is holding Bertuzzi back right now is his confidence. Cleary recommended he read a book on mental toughness in hockey.

Head coach Jeff Blashill said Bertuzzi is a hockey player first. He’s the kind of player who can always find pucks. He might not be the best, or the tallest or the fastest player, but he knows what he’s doing on the ice, and Blashill praises Tyler for that.

The second day of camp brought the return of Dylan Larkin. Larkin was fresh from the World Cup of Hockey where he was scratched from the USA Team’s game against Sweden. Larkin seemed eager to join the team in Traverse City. Larkin said he is looking to use the preseason to work on his faceoffs and the small details of his game that are going to make him a better player all around. Larkin said being cut from the game against Sweden made him even more eager to come back to the NHL and prove what he’s capable of.

“I’m just excited to be back here and be back with my family and playing the power play and being the guy looked at to provide offense.”