Month of Majors helps students find an interest

North Wind Staff

October is finally here, and that means pumpkin spice lattes, comfy sweaters, Halloween and NMU’s Month of Majors.

For the Month of Majors, academic departments on campus hold one-hour meetings to provide students with information about a particular major, the programs within it and employment opportunities in that field. This is a great resource for students who are undeclared, looking to switch majors or searching for a potential complement to their degree.

The trend of being undeclared is absolutely OK. Students don’t always find their calling early or they find out their original plan didn’t, well, go as planned.

Unfortunately, high schools today don’t always put all jobs on the radar of their students. Having an interest sparked, being educated on what’s available as a career, or just being exposed to something different is what causes a student to pursue a potential major. Without having that initial push, many freshmen and transfer students arrive on campus not having a clue what to do.

Other students have a set plan in mind, knowing their exact major and career path. They start on their first semester, only to find out their intended career isn’t for them. This dilemma causes a panic over money wasted and a lost “What do I do now?” sensation.

Month of Majors provides a pivotal asset each year, connecting so many students with the numerous departments on campus. During the month, over 30 departments are represented, each with unique programs and concentrations.

Students attending the event with a vague idea or interest of what session to go to leave with ample information about the major, and have any questions answered with a Q and A session at the very end. If that session doesn’t create interest, there’s plenty more on different days and times throughout October.

It’s important for students to choose their major based on what intrigues them and it’s far more rewarding down the line.

Students have the opportunity in college to find exactly what interests them through a valuable info session, a great professor or exposure to something different from their comfort zone. NMU provides students with the resources that are sometimes needed to get on path to their degree.