Utilizing advisors can bring college success

Kara Toay

I thought I had everything figured out. I was going to major in English writing, but then, I didn’t know if that was what I truly wanted to do. I decided to go in undeclared and figure out what I wanted to do as I took my liberal studies. But, as I talked to my advisor, I realized that I did want to major in English writing after all.

Now I am in my third year here at NMU with a major in English writing and minor in journalism.

Fall has arrived, which means it’s that time in the semester when we have to start registering for classes for the upcoming winter semester. For some people, it is easy to register for classes because they know exactly what to take, but for others, not so much.

There are some who have to go to their advisor to figure out what classes they need to take to make sure they graduate on time, which is a concern for many as they get into their upper level years.

Going to your advisor is not a bad thing. I have been going to my advisor at least once a semester since I started here at NMU. It is OK to go to your advisor if you are struggling to figure out what classes you want to take, because sometimes there are classes that need to be taken but aren’t being offered and you have to find something else that will meet the requirement.

Our advisors are here to help with those kinds of situations. I know I have been in this situation of trying to find a class to take because the one I wanted either filled up or was not available at the time, and my advisor helped me figure out a solution that will work.

There are also some people who do not want to go to their advisor because they do not like who they have or they just don’t feel the need to. There are other ways to get help if needed. There is always the Academic Career and Advising Center.

Last year, I wrote a story for one of my classes on advising. While doing the interview, I learned they have many resources for students to get the help that they need. I wanted to bring attention to this, because students need to know what’s available to us so we can get the help that we need.

Although I haven’t used ACAC since I was undecided my freshman year, they were really helpful during that time in helping me decide what I wanted to go into and what interested me. My advisor at the time assisted me in every way she could to help me choose what I wanted to major in. I had had a really hard time, but now, I love what I am going into. Going to my advisor helped me get there.

Advisors are here to help us, but they are also here to get to know us, what our likes and dislikes are to help us through these sticky situations that occur, and to help us find the right classes to fit our particular needs. They want to help us, and getting to know them will not only help them, but us as well as we take on our college years and figure out what we want to do in life.

So, as you start registering for your classes and are in need of help because you’re stuck in a situation or need help deciding what to major in, know that there are places to go. I know that I am thankful to have someone to help me and guide me through college so I can get the right education for what I want to go into.