Moving forward as dust settles on election

North Wind Staff

We watched the numbers of votes coming in from across the world, saw the red and blue percentages tick closer together—in the end we’re left feeling a range of emotions: shocked, surprised, happy, angry, tired. But we need to remember that the nation needs to stand unified in the end.

re-editorial-comicThe nation didn’t expect the election results. Everyone, from Republicans to Democrats, didn’t foresee the closeness of the numbers or the massive support for Donald Trump in the end.

But, the important thing is: We cannot change the vote. We need to accept the results.

There is no doubt that there will be turmoil in the next coming days. To name a few, there will be frustration about the loss of their candidate, anger towards the different opposing sides and fear about what’s to come with the next presidency.

Yes, we are tired of hearing about the 2016 election and the drama of politics. But just as we thought we were closing the chapter on this election, we’re met with new challenges.

This election has divided us as a nation. The huge crack between the opposing sides is fairly evident in the final results: Most states had a winner by only a small margin, reflecting the split views and opinions that the population holds.

It is important to remember that being a divided nation only makes us weaker. The negativity and animosity toward opposing sides needs to come to the end. As Americans we should stand for democracy and the freedom of choice for the citizens of this country, regardless of what that choice is.

We need to stand as a unified country. We need to remember that we are all human beings, regardless of political affiliation. The violence and anger we’ve seen built towards all candidates and their supporters is unacceptable, even more so as the dust settles on the results.

As we move forward, we need to remember that the house is not red or blue, but White.