Price to be determined for new dorms

North Wind Staff

A process has started to determine an adjusted tuition rate for the two new dorms expected to open in the fall.

Jeff Korpi, director of housing and residence life, said he is hoping to submit recommended tuition rates to the Board of Trustees for approval before their meeting next week.

“If for some reason we don’t have a rate by next week, we will have one by the end of the semester to present to the Board of Trustees,” Korpi said.

He noted that EdR Collegiate Housing has already set their rates for the new building, while NMU looks to set hall rates for both its new and existing buildings.

“We’re currently working on creating a process for students to sign up for all of our residence halls. This includes the new building additions and we hope to reach a final recommendation by April,” Korpi said. NMU will own the residence halls and EdR staff will manage and maintain them for the duration of a 75-year on-campus partnership.

Mark Gramberg, vice president of real estate development for EdR, said staff on-site will work with other university departments to coordinate events in the Lodge and classroom spaces of the new housing structure. He said there will be a community manager, a leasing consultant, and maintenance personnel who will work for EdR on campus.

“EdR will also hire student community assistants who will be part-time employees of EdR as they continue their studies,” Gramberg said.

He added that since the university will own the new buildings, a portion of student rental income will go to NMU. EdR will then be paid for construction and management of the property through student rentals.

Gramberg said EdR saw NMU as a good fit for their services because they can provide the kind of quality student housing that will help Northern reach its enrollment and retention goals.

“Public private partnerships like this free the university’s debt capacity to focus on academic programs and facilities rather than on housing,” Gramberg said.

He also noted that in 50 years of working with universities, EdR has learned to listen to the university to better provide the services that best suit each and every school’s needs.

A campus-wide survey was sent out on Tuesday by the NMU Housing and Residence Life Office to gather feedback on what to name the new dorms. For more information regarding the new halls or to view a live stream of construction, visit