Students a “no-show” at travel ban forum

North Wind Staff

Dean of Students Chris Greer was met with an empty room when no students showed up for the listening sessions.

The sessions, held Feb. 8, were intended to answers questions from students affected by the travel ban enacted by President Trump’s executive order. The order banned travel to the United States from seven Muslim majority countries.

In an email sent to students on February 3, Greer said all students were invited to come to the sessions to voice concerns and have their questions answered.

The university was interested in collecting contact information for students from those seven countries, students planning on traveling to those countries or students with research pursuits in those countries, Greer said.

“Our intent with the listening sessions is to gather information about students who may be impacted by the ban, address those questions or concerns that we can and serve as a conduit for getting the appropriate information to students in the future as it becomes available,” Greer said.