Math, computer prof retires after 16 years

Winter Keefer

“What I found at age 55 was that I have an absolute passion for teaching.”

Professor of mathematics and computer science Ken Kulp is retiring after 16 years of working at NMU.

re-RetiringProfKulp worked various jobs before coming to teach at Northern in 2001. With a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a masters degree in business, he said many of his qualifications to teach computer science and mathematics came from experience.

“I can teach computer science because I learned it on the job,” Kulp said. “So a message I always have to students is just get a degree. Life will give you the opportunity later on.”

Kulp expressed his appreciation of the mathematics and computer science department.

“The highlight of my time here was when a student comes into the office and says thanks or when I’m able to turn a problem student around,” he said.

Kulp, who is originally from Texas, said that he came to the Upper Peninsula after selling a computer to Dental Associates of Marquette.

This is where he met his wife who was the office manager of the firm. In 1999 the couple came up to Marquette on vacation and never left. After the move, Kulp built a house and has lived there with his family since then.

“Money won’t buy happiness but working at a job will because God has been so good to me,” he said.