Big people can come from a small university


North Wind Staff

Summer Editorial ComicThe CEO of Starbucks, Olympic athletes, actors, a former Red Wings player, a state senator, a professional boxer, an NBA coach––many astounding people once walked across stage and were handed a degree from Northern. They attended similar classes, learned from some of the same professors and left here carrying the knowledge and experience they needed to complete impressive feats.

Yet, Northern is often undeservingly overlooked due to its rather small student population and low tuition cost. While a relatively affordable tuition is often a factor in students’ decision to attend NMU, in no way does lower cost equal a lower quality education.

The alumni NMU has produced serves as an example of our distinguished university. While enjoying the nature the Upper Peninsula has to offer, students are also submerged into the caring, opportunistic community of Marquette. Paired with our impeccable, passionate professors and diverse degree programs, NMU allows students and graduates opportunities one would not find elsewhere.

With smaller classes we are granted more individual attention and can gain first-hand experience within our degree fields before even graduating, all within a community that hopes to see us prosper beyond perceived boundaries. Students are filled with big dreams and at Northern, these dreams become a reality.

Northern alumni are an inspiration to current students, reminding us that while some may not find our university as notable as others, this is secondary to the experiences we gain.

Our alumni represent the endeavors out there for us Wildcats. While some may not know the name of your university, one day everyone might know your name.