Superior solidarity


Emmalene Oysti

North Wind Staff

Hurricanes and wildfires have recently ripped through parts of our nation, leaving many hungry, homeless and utterly devastated. While we’re safe in the confines of the Upper Peninsula and continue our day-to-day lives, it’s imperative we keep in mind that those affected by these disasters are living day-to-day just to survive.

With over 1,000 miles of distance between us, it is difficult to truly comprehend the scale of damage and heartbreak consuming these areas and easy to feel helpless in bettering the situation in any way. As students we can still offer our solidarity. In times such as these, hope for the future may be a far off thought, so send your optimism and support to those in need by donating money and supplies, working with a relief organization or by simply raising awareness.

There are fellow Wildcats with families and friends undergoing the effects of these very disasters. As college students our resources may be limited, but there are ways to aid those in need, even if all you can offer is your thoughts. To be involved directly with campus aid efforts, contact RELEVANT, a campus ministry group organizing events to donate and travel to aid in hurricane relief. To donate to other aid efforts, visit organization websites that are helping first hand in storm areas such as, the Convoy of Hope, Global Giving and Americares.

As the storms come to an end and daily headlines no longer contain hurricanes, remember that for those who endured these events these problems aren’t disappearing. The aftermath of these storms is felt for months and years to come. Twelve years have passed and the areas and people affected by Hurricane Katrina are still recovering.

Our immediate concerns as students are classes and jobs, but keep in mind those who are truly suffering, because one day it could be you or your family affected by an event this tragic. Stay hopeful and humble ‘Cats.